Nice to meet you, I'm Jen
I go by many titles,

More universally, "sticky-note connoisseur"

This is who I am and what I am passionate about.

My name is Jen - I’m a fourth year Interaction Design student at Sheridan College. As a student in the tech field, I see so much potential for design opportunities and innovations in everyday life. I have always had an eye for great design, and love being able to increase my knowledge and experience in the industry.

At school, I excel at UX and UI projects, and enjoy working in collaborative settings. Along with my IXD Degree, I am working on getting a certificate in creative problem solving, which expands my capabilities of brainstorming tools, problem solving tools, and leadership skills.

I love being able to solve problems with practical and human centred solutions, and am skilled and experienced at creating digital and print projects from ideation to launch.
If I’m not in the lab, you can find me snowboarding in the winter, or swimming in the summer.